Now that it’s spring, save The Little Big Forest by donating.
Now that it’s spring, save The Little Big Forest by donating.

Now that it’s spring, save The Little Big Forest by donating.

Spring is finally here, and as the ice slowly disappears from Highland Lake, the surrounding area springs to life. The vibrant colors and sounds of nature return as the inhabitants of The Little Big Forest awaken from their winter slumber. This picturesque landscape has been a cherished natural retreat for generations, providing a sanctuary for both wildlife and those seeking solace from the hustle and bustle of city life. But now, this precious ecosystem is under threat from development. Donating today will help us save The Little Big Forest

The Stoddard Conservation Commission is urgently seeking your support to protect this pristine 40-acre woodland from being transformed into a housing development. With your donations, the commission aims to purchase The Little Big Forest, ensuring its continued existence as a haven for wildlife and an essential resource for environmental education and appreciation.

The Little Big Forest is more than just a picturesque woodland; it is a thriving ecosystem home to countless plant and animal species. As spring arrives, the area becomes a symphony of birdsong, buzzing bees, and rustling leaves. The forest’s rich biodiversity serves as a critical habitat for various species, including migrating birds, rare plants, and threatened wildlife.

As the earth’s temperature continues to rise, it is more important than ever to preserve natural spaces like The Little Big Forest. Woodlands play a vital role in mitigating the impacts of climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide and maintaining water quality in the surrounding areas. Moreover, the forest offers a serene escape for families, nature enthusiasts, and photographers to appreciate the enchanting beauty of the great outdoors.

Unfortunately, the encroaching threat of development looms over The Little Big Forest. A housing development not only risks destroying this unique ecosystem, but it also means the loss of an essential community resource. By donating to the Stoddard Conservation Commission, you can help safeguard this invaluable natural treasure for future generations.

Let’s work together to preserve the magic of Highland Lake and The Little Big Forest. Every donation, big or small, makes a difference in the fight to protect our natural heritage. Don’t let the sights and sounds of spring be silenced by development. Support the Stoddard Conservation Commission today and invest in the future of our environment.

Visit the Stoddard Conservation Commission’s website to make your donation now:

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