Exciting News: Join Us for Little Big Forest Listening Sessions!
Exciting News: Join Us for Little Big Forest Listening Sessions!

Exciting News: Join Us for Little Big Forest Listening Sessions!

We’re thrilled to announce the upcoming listening sessions for the Little Big Forest project. We invite the community to share their thoughts, ideas, and concerns about this remarkable initiative. The sessions are scheduled for August 23rd from 7 to 9pm at the Stoddard Town Hall, and September 9th from 10am to 12pm at the JFES community center.

The Accomplishment

The Little Big Forest project has been generating buzz for its seemingly impossible fundraising accomplishment. With the help of some very talented grant writers, some very dedicated volunteers, some very generous foundations and most importantly for the generous individuals all across the state and beyond, we were able to raise just under$1.5 Million dollars in just over 14 months. Which allowed us to purchase the property on July 7th 2023, and have funds left over for project costs and stewardship of the property.

We need your input

As we work to enhance and preserve our local environment, your input is invaluable. These listening sessions provide a platform for you to voice your opinions, suggestions, and dreams for the future of our beloved Little Big Forest. Whether you’re an avid nature enthusiast, a concerned citizen, or simply curious about the project’s potential impact, we encourage you to attend. Your insights will help shape the direction of this initiative, ensuring that it aligns with the needs and desires of our community.

The sessions will be an open forum for discussion, guided by a team of project leaders and environmental experts. We believe that every voice matters, and your participation can contribute to making the Little Big Forest a truly exceptional space for generations to come.

Mark your calendars

Mark your calendars now: August 23rd, 7-9pm at the town hall, and September 9th, 10am-12pm at the JFES community center. Let’s come together, share our visions, and cultivate a greener, more sustainable future for our town.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and we look forward to seeing you there!

Thank you!
We Did It!

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