Would you spend $1.3Million on 40 acres?
Would you spend $1.3Million on 40 acres?

Would you spend $1.3Million on 40 acres?

Everyone we talk to locally loves how wild the southeast shore and the big peninsula adjacent to Wagner Island is. Unfortunately, the only way to keep it that way is to buy it and put it in conservation. The lots are currently for sale and being advertised as 20 house lots.
There are no roads, nor utilities within that 40 acres. Unfortunately in order to put those 20 (or any other number) house lots in, a massive amount of trees would have to be cut down which would destroy the last undeveloped significant amount of shoreline on the lake.

Do you see what is at stake here? So I’ll ask again, would you spend $1.3Million on 40 acres?

Fortunately you dont have to. With all our collective efforts all we need is 500 people to invest $400.

This is why we need your help, please donate today.

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