Inspiring Fundraising success!
Inspiring Fundraising success!

Inspiring Fundraising success!

Recently a Walpole resident heard about the fundraiser Jaxon held for LBF (Little Big Forest). She then read about it in the Feb. article in the Keene Sentinel.  She contacted a friend of hers in Stoddard who told her more about the LBF.  She went to the LBF website and read my post about Jaxon raising $900.  She was so impressed that she sent a check for $1,500.

I am interpreting that as a match for Jaxon’s efforts which means this:

  • Jaxon raised $936.00.  It qualified for a match grant that 4 friends of the LBF established (which was $110,000 match grant).  That makes a total of $1872.oo;
  • The Walpole $1,500 donation also qualifies for the match, so that doubles to $3,000;
  • Jaxon’s fundraiser had a multiplying effect resulting in a whopping $4,872.00!!
  • Now hang on:  Mason Bodner and friends raised $370 in April of 2022 and added another $25 from Olde Home Days lemonade sales, for a total of $395.  Unfortunately his effort was before our match was made, so his effort isn’t multiplied, but his and Jaxon’s effort means the JFES students contributed $5,267.00 to the LBF fundraising effort.

Getting JFES students to become stakeholders in Stoddard’s stewardship of conservation lands was a primary goal of the LBF effort.  It looks like some seeds have been planted.

There is a lesson in math and financial leveraging in there somewhere…..along with other lessons I am sure you will think of

Please share this great news with your colleagues and your students, parents and friends.  This is outstanding!!!

PS: we are very excited to announce Jaxon’s older sister Jaelynn will be joining the Stoddard Conservation Commission as a new member.

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