3rd Grader’s Initiative Raised over $900 for Little Big Forest Project
3rd Grader’s Initiative Raised over $900 for Little Big Forest Project

3rd Grader’s Initiative Raised over $900 for Little Big Forest Project

What does it take to raise $1.5 million to protect the 40 acres of the Little Big Forest with 4,000 feet of undeveloped shoreline on Highland Lake???

This is what it takes: I get invited to talk to JFES teacher Maggie Forrestalls’ 3rd grade class a few weeks ago.

She is teaching them about local history, geography, economics, and civics in Social Studies this year. They have had a number of visitors come to school to teach 3rd graders about local topics such as the historical society, glassblowing, town government, and town services.

Maggie wondered it I might be able teach them about the Little Big Forest project as an example of how citizens can work with the government to get involved, improve the community, and live well together in the place we call home.

The LIGHT went on in little Jaxon Leonard’s head. I received a phone call from his mother saying he wanted to organize a fundraiser for the Little Big Forest as we push to close the $50,000 gap before May 30th deadline.

He organized a Hot Dog and bake sale fundraiser today (Sunday, April 30th, 2023) at the Stoddard Fire Dept.


He raised………….scroll through the pictures to see how much………

I talk to the kids about the Little Big Forest and one of them gets pumped up
On Earth Day 2023, I reaffirm my connection with the JEFS students with a 1.5 hour hike…..one little fella tells me he wants to help raise money for the LBF….
3rd grade JFES student Jaxon Leonard and his mom Rachel organized a HOT DOG Fundraiser for the LBF
A handful of JFES students and family of Jaxon Leonard held a 2 hour Hot Dog Fundraiser for the Little Big Forest as the Stoddard Fire Dept. today
Students made their own signs……
…..And waved them to passing motorists….
After two hours of work, Jaxon presented me with a paper bag………guess how much was in it…..???
NINE HUNDRED AND THIRTY SIX DOLLARS ($936). Congratulations Jaxon and family and friends………..



  1. Geoff Jones

    A woman from Walpole was so impressed by Jaxon’s fundraiser that after reading this webpage post, she wanted to support the effort and donated a $1,500 check.

    Jaxon…..my friend generosity begets generosity. Great job!!!

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