Prevent this deforestation and the future will love you!
Prevent this deforestation and the future will love you!

Prevent this deforestation and the future will love you!

Our ability to live on earth depends on how we treat the earth. Earth being the actual dirt under our feet. Earth is the topsoil that gives our plants nutrients. Under the canopy of trees within The Little Big Forest lies a symbiotic relationship. In order to keep this healthy system in place we need to prevent this deforestation.

Soil needs a steady source of food. The entire kingdom of organisms I’m about to mention are a huge part of that equation. Not only that, but they help prevent erosion, increase water supply to the ground and help keep carbon in the soil versus adding it to the atmosphere. They are not plants, nor are they animals. I am talking about fungus. We commonly see their fruiting bodies we call mushrooms. They are like a network of miniature compost piles. A special type of mold feeding off the decayed matter of the forest and in turn providing nutrients to the soil. And it all starts with mycelium.

Mycelium is a massive underground Network. Almost like nerves running throughout the human body. The mycelial network can also break down compounds such as fertilizers and pesticides and turns them into carbohydrates and then delivers the carbohydrates to plants around them. There are literally thousands and thousands of different types of mushrooms while many of them are edible there are many more that are either harmful or deadly to people and pets. 

Microbial fungi play an essential role in nutrient uptake, metabolism, growth, energy and disease resistance. Studies have identified an entire micro biome living in our digestive system and playing a big part in our health.  In the human gut, fungi take up the food we eat and break it down into nutrients that our bodies can absorb and use. There is a similar world of fungi living in the soil, and in the soil, fungi work in a similar way; digesting organic material that other organisms cannot break down turning it into food and nutrients that plants can use. This keeps the soil rich and healthy which promotes robust plants and crops. So, whether it’s in our digestive tract, or in the ground, microbial fungi keep ecosystems strong and healthy.

We can actually work to heal the planet and our bodies to a healthier condition before it’s too late. Whether it’s big changes or lots of small ones every little bit helps to push back the needle because the real bad trip would be losing this place we call home for good.

There is a chance for healing. We have the ability to repair things little by little. Possibly even reverse what now seems inevitable but the question remains: can we also reduce the very actions that have done damage in the first place?  

Why repair though? we have the incredible opportunity to prevent irreparable damage to an entire ecosystem right here in our own backyard, right now. I’m talking about the 40 acres currently for sale on Highland lake in Stoddard, New Hampshire. The land is listed as development potential for 20, two acre house lots. Breaking this very old, very well established forest that is vibrant with life  into housing lots, carving roads through its virgin lands will be like smoking cigarettes for years all while our doctors tell us smoking is bad for you. Then decades later wonder why the lake is polluted, the land is no longer teeming with life and we have lung cancer. 

The project cost is $1.5Million, as of today, we have raised and received grants for just over $750,000. We have a few more grants we have applied for that if we received the whole amounts would get us to just under the project cost. We are expecting word on those in the weeks to come. In the meantime, we still need help. We still need to raise awareness and funds. Please donate today. If you can’t donate, please subscribe to our YouTube channel, Follow us on Facebook and share our story. Be a part of the legacy that is going to prevent this deforestation.

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