6/14/2022 Update
6/14/2022 Update

6/14/2022 Update

Geoff Jones sharing The Little Big Forest plan and site with the JFES 5th grade class

The Little Big Forest update eMail from Geoff Jones
I submitted a $500,000 grant to LCHIP just a few moments ago and they have received it.
Upcoming event:  be sure to pencil in so you can attend (mention to your friends and family):

Stoddard Conservation Commission & Davis Library Evening Presentation

Help “kick off” 2022 Olde Home Days by learning about the town of Stoddard’s effort to protect an extraordinary 40- acre forest with 4,000 feet of undeveloped Shoreline.  Stoddard conservation commission chair Geoff Jones will tell you all about “The Little Big Forest” and how YOU can help!

Where & When:  JFES Community Room, Friday July 8th, 2022 7-9 pm

Sunday July 10, 2022

Field Trips to the Little Big Forest to see for yourself this extraordinary forest, featuring outdoor classroom for JFES; 3-ft, 110 foot tall white pines, fox and bear dens and more.

Field trips leaving at 1 hour intervals, select a time from 10 am, 11 am, noon, 1 pm and 2 pm.  Park on Eva Lane (follow signs).  Geoff Jones, Sabine Duran, Jason Kovarik trip leaders
The JFES 5th grade class were the first Stoddard students to officially visit the Little Big Forest last Wednesday……if you could bottle the energy from the excitement of the teachers and students………you could fire a rocket to the moon and back.
Attached a couple of pictures of their visit.
A more thorough update with the need to schedule PR and fundraising events will be forthcoming.  Meanwhile sharpen your pencils for fundraising!!


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